Car booty 21/04/2014

The Easter bank holiday weekend is usually pretty good for car boot sales, but the weather caused both the first Pease Pottage sale of the year (yesterday) and the second Rusper sale of the year (today) to be cancelled.

I still managed to go to two sales today, so don’t feel too sorry for me 🙂

Local sale

Although there was a good turn out and some much better quality items, this sale didn’t have much in the way of tools today.

My daughters did quite well:

  • Snap Circuits Pro SC-500 – £2
  • Marvin’s Magic Ultimate Set – £2.50
  • Lots of Polly Pocket stuff – £10
  • Various Little Miss books – £1.50
  • Other childrens books – £1
  • Admission: Free (donation to charity made)
  • Total tool spend: £0
  • Total other spend: £17
  • Grand total: £17

Sayers Common

By the time we’d been to the previous sale and had brunch we were quite late arriving at Sayers Common, although there seemed to be about as many cars entering the car park as leaving it.

The field was a bit wet, but not too muddy and there were a good number of stalls.

I got quite a haul:

Sayers Common Car booty

The first stall I visited was a regular tool seller who I’ve bought from before.

He usually has some nice quality tools and today was no exception.

  • Marples mitre guide – £4
  • Stanley No. 51 spokeshave – £3

Marples mitre guide

Stanley No. 51 spokeshaveStanley No. 51 spokeshave

Next up was a bit of an impulse purchase due to the size of the handle!

  • Screwdriver with large handle – 50p

Large handled screwdriver

The handle looks a little outsized for the blade and I may see if it fits one of my other large screwdrivers which has a broken handle.

This stallholder had a lovely small wooden chest of drawers full of Meccano, but it was way out of my price range.

The only marking I can find is “Sheffield”:

Large handled screwdriver

I then got a bundle of small tools for £5:

  • 3 small handsaws
  • Bent backsaw
  • Small screwdriver
  • Small breast drill

These are destined for my girls, after I learn how to sharpen the saws

3 small handsaws

The backsaw has quite a major kink in it:

Bent backsaw

It’s marked “Buck”

Bent backsaw - marked Buck

The handle is really nice so unless I can straighten the blade I’ll probably learn to sharpen on it, then transplant the handle onto one of my other saws

Bent backsaw - handleBent backsaw - handle

The small screwdriver is really very small, as can be seen in the main photo

Small screwdriverSmall screwdriver

I think it’s marked “Warranted Sheffield”

I can’t make out the makers mark on the small breast drill:

Small breast drill Small breast drill

I was attracted to it as it’s basically a small copy of my large Stanley. It’s about the same size as the other small hand drill I picked up a while ago.

Small breast drill in contextSmall breast drill with other small hand drill

I was very tempted by this large hand pillar drill with a grindwheel attachment, but the chap wanted £45 for it:

Large hand pillar drill and grinderHand pillar drill

It looked like the ratchet advance was disengaged, possibly to allow the grindwheel to spin more easily.

He was planning to turn it into a lamp if he didn’t sell it, so I was very tempted, but I already have a smaller version and don’t really have the space …

Next up was a stall run by a Carpenter, with a lovely oak table:

M. P. Finch - oak table

I didn’t get the table (although I think my wife was tempted), but I did pick up a plane:

  • Marples No. 4 plane – £2

Marples No. 4

It’s in ok condition and it has to be worth more than what I paid for it.

Marples No. 4Marples No. 4

The sole is a little rusty, but it doesn’t seem too pitted, so I’ll probably clean it up and add it to the pile of tools I don’t mind lending/selling.

Marples No. 4

I then went back to see if two wooden planes I’d seen earlier were still available (and whether the seller was a bit more ready to move on price!)

  • Two “C. Nurse” wooden planes – £13

Wooden planesWooden planes

The larger plane has some nice clear markings, but the smaller one seems to have taken a few knocks:

Nurse wooden planeNurse wooden plane

They both have Aaron Hildick irons, unlike the other C Nurse woody I have already, which has an Earnshaw Bros iron:

Nurse wooden planes

I got the other one (which is slightly larger than the largest of these two) as part of a job lot on eBay.

That job lot ended up costing me about £10 once the postage was refunded due to damage in transit, so £13 for two planes isn’t a stellar price I suppose!

I just hated to see them lying on the wet grass under a stall …

Both  are marked on the toe:

C Nurse & Co Ltd
181 & 183 Walworth Rd
London S.E.


Made in London
English Beech

The larger one’s sole is in great condition and the smaller one isn’t bad, but has a metal plate which is presumably repairing some damage around the mouth:

Nurse wooden plane Nurse wooden plane

As well as the metal plate in the mouth, the smaller one has a bit of damage around the wedge and the handle is missing its horn:

Nurse wooden planeNurse wooden plane

  • Stanley Bailey No. 5 1/2 – £15

Stanley Bailey No. 5 1/2Stanley Bailey No. 5 1/2

I think I rather overpaid for this one, given the broken handle, but I’m happier with £15 than the £30 he was originally asking and I now have two No. 5 1/2 s for an average of £8.50 each as I’ve almost finished restoring the one I picked up for £2 🙂

Stanley Bailey No. 5 1/2Stanley Bailey No. 5 1/2

I also picked up another toy for my daughters:

It started raining (only a short shower, but very heavy) just as we finished packing the car, so we timed our exit perfectly!

  • Admission: £1.50 (I think this has increased 50p since last year)
  • Total tool spend: £42.50
  • Total other spend: £2
  • Grand total: £46
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