Car booty 08/09/2013

Today we were hoping to go to Sayers Common or Rusper, to spend some money I got for my birthday, but as both were rained off we ended up at Pease Pottage.

With the threat of rain the field wasn’t full, but there were plenty of buyers.

  • Awl – 50p


This was my first find of the day.

I already have plenty of awls, but I really liked the shape of the handle of this one.

  • Paring/pattern makers chisel – £2

Paring chisel

This seems to have a handle intended for much more abuse than a chisel of this type would receive.

Once I start wood turning I intend to make new handles for all the car boot chisels that need them.

I can’t make out the manufacturer but it may be a Marples:

Paring chisel

  • Marsden Brothers 1 1/2” gouge – £3

1/2 inch Gouge

Marsden Brothers 1/2" gougeMarsden Brothers 1/2" gouge

  • Thomas Riley 1 1/2” chisel – £3

Thomas Riley 1 1/2 chisel

I can’t make out whether it’s Thomas F Riley or Thomas E Riley:

Thomas Riley 1 1/2 chiselThomas Riley 1 1/2 chisel

The next items came from a lady who offered 10p per tool or £1 for each box of tools. I was strong and didn’t buy all 3 boxes! 🙂

  • Fretsaw – 10p


I can’t see a makers mark on this and it’s a bit bent, but for 10p I figure I can’t go far wrong …

  • Siva hand drill – 10p

Siva hand drillSiva hand drill

I was just attracted by its crown marking and 1940 date:


  • Henry Diston & Sons saw – 10p

Henry Diston sawHenry Diston saw

This has seen better days, with a missing nut/bolt in the handle and a small chip out of the tote:

Henry Diston saw tote

I thought it deserved a chance so I’ll add it to the derusting pile …

  • The one that got away – £130

Small lathe

I saw this rather lovely looking old lathe for £130, but I have neither the money or the space, so I left it for someone else …

As well as the tools we also picked up:

  • Olive pizza bread – £1
  • 4 Cheese straws – £4
  • Various toys and games for the girls – £10
  • Candy floss – £2
  • 5 mins for each girl on the Bouncy castle – £3
  • Admission: £1 (2 adults)
  • Total tool spend: £8.80
  • Total other spend: £20
  • Grand total: £39.80
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