Booty roundup 08/06/2014 – 15/06/2014

Poynings – 08/06/2014

Last weekend I took my youngest daughter to Poynings car boot sale.

I only ended up getting one item (see featured image above this post):

  • Backsaw – £2

This just struck me as a nice tool. The handle is well formed and the slotted nuts look slightly hand made (the slot is slightly off centre).

While I was there I saw a Hobbies treadle powered fretsaw, which had been found by the seller in a garage and cleaned up fairly nicely.

Hobbies fretsaw

There was only an old junior hacksaw blade fitted and the belt was a rough piece of leather and far too loose, but I was quite tempted all the same.

In the end I couldn’t get the chap down from £50. I only had £40 on me or I’d probably have capitulated!

  • Admission: £1.50 (1 car with 1 adults, 1 child)
  • Total tool spend: £2
  • Total other spend: £0
  • Grand total: £3.50

Poynings – 15/06/2014

As it was Father’s day today I got to choose how we spent the day, so I chose Poynings on the off chance that the chap with the fretsaw hadn’t followed through on his threat to sell it to someone in Birmingham for £50 (the reason for his intransigence).

After some purchases for my wife and children, I made a good find on the stall of a regular tool seller:

Stanley No. 10 and chisel

  • Stanley No. 10 rebate plane (asking £30)
  • Small “Seedland Bros, Sheffield” Warranted cast steel chisel  (asking £2)

Stanley No. 10 rebate plane

I got the chisel thrown in with the plane for £30, which I felt was fair given the relative rarity of the No. 10 and fair condition of both.

Seedland Bros, Sheffield chisel

After the tool stall, I found the chap with the fretsaw in the next aisle and managed to beat him down a little, but carried on wandering while I thought about it.

I next found some bits and pieces on a stall being run for charity by a nice young lady.

Wooden planes and sharpening stones

She told me everything was a pound, but as it was for charity and her partner came back and questioned the price I ended up giving her a bit more.

Wooden planePlane blade

  • Wooden plane “J. House, Hammersmith” with “F. G. Pearson, Acute, Sheffield” blade – £1

Wooden planeWooden plane

Plane blade

  • Wooden plane “I H/Martin Shaw” (the latter in rather nice script) with “Marples & Son, Hibernia” blade – £1
  • Wooden spokeshave – £1
  • Coarse stone in wooden box – £1
  • Fine stone in wooden box (missing a corner) – £1

I then made my way back to the stall with the fretsaw …

Hobbies treadle fretsaw

Yes – I’m weak – I’m just happy it fitted in the boot of our Ford Focus!

  • Hobbies treadle powered fretsaw – £45

Hobbies fretsawHobbies fretsaw - pedal

The blade is just a (bent) junior hacksaw blade, so I’ll have to figure out what (if anything) I’ll need to do in order to clamp in some proper blades.

Hobbies fretsaw - bladeHobbies catalogue

I’ll also need to sort out some new belts and some more space …

  • Admission: £1.50 (1 car with 2 adults, 2 children)
  • Total tool spend: £80
  • Total other spend: £18
  • Grand total: £99.50
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