Car booty 26/08/2013

Today we went to the local car boot sale.

I wasn’t expecting much, as previous sales have been almost completely devoid of tools, but I was pleasantly surprised.

The star find of the day was my first purchase:

Nobex Proman 110

It’s mounted to a length of timber, with a FrameCo Ezy Measure System extension

Nobex Proman 110

Ezy Measure System

There’s a little rust on the end stop:

Rusty end stop

I used one of these at a picture framing course on my recent holiday and found that having two clamps (one either side of the blade) was handy, so I may need to buy another one of these:

Nobex Proman clamp

Also included were its original box and two quick clamps, presumably for fixing the saw to a bench or table:

Quick clamps

  • Assorted screwdrivers – £1.50


This little lot includes a Leyris ratchet screwdriver, an I Sorby and a Stanley.

  • Hand vice – 50p

Hand vice

  • Plane blade & chipbreaker – 50p

Plane blade

I can’t make out the mark on this, other than “Cast Steel, Sheffield”:

Plane blade

  • Backsaw – £1


  • Admission: Free (donation to charity made)
  • Total tool spend: £11.50
  • Total other spend: £0
  • Grand total: £11.50
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