Car booty 07/07/2013 – Part 2 – Rusper

After a quick dash around Pease Pottage I got back on the road for the short hop to another car boot sale.


This was the first time I’ve ever been to Rusper car boot sale, which starts much later than most other sales (11am for sellers and 11:30am for buyers).

  • 2 ratchet screwdrivers – 50p

2 ratchet screwdrivers

The smaller of the two is a Leyris and the other just says “Made in England”.

  • 3 ratchet screwdrivers – £1

3 ratchet screwdrivers

This little lot includes (top to bottom):

  1. Guys Hand tools “Model RL”
  2. Yankee “North Bros Mfg, Philla PA”
  3. Draper “Made by Schroder, West Germany”
  • Pearson plane iron & chipbreaker – 50p

Plane iron & chip breaker

I really only bought this for the screw holding the iron to the chipbreaker, as one of my other wooden planes has a screw which is stripped and won’t hold.

Pearson plane iron

I figured for 50p I couldn’t go far wrong even if it wasn’t the right thread when I got it home, but I was lucky and it is!

  • 4 chisels & 4 screwdrivers (inc 2 ratchet screwdrivers) – £5

4 chisels

3 of the chisels are Sorby and the other is Marples.

The Sorbys are 1 1/4“, 3/8” and a 1/4” bevel edge and the Marples is a 3/4

4 screwdrivers

The largest screwdriver is by W H Clay, Sheffield and is marked with “1945” and the WD arrow.

It’s in really good condition for a 68 year old tool:

Clay screwdriver

The other screwdriver says F E A J R Hopkinson Ltd, Sheffield:

F E A J R Hopkinson screwdriver

The ratchet screwdrivers include a Moore & Wright:

Moore & Wright ratchet screwdriver

And a Cooper & Sons, Sheffield Ltd:

Cooper & Sons ratchet screwdriver

  • Longbro 300 valve spring compressor – £1

Longbro spring valve compressor

I had no idea what this was, other than “an F clamp shaped device”, but I figured for a pound I couldn’t go far wrong.

I can only find one that sold on eBay and that went for £9, so I did quite well and if I don’t find a use for it I’ll hopefully find someone who can.

  • The one that got away

Massive vice

I was quite tempted by this massive metalworking vice for £25, but I was strong!

The seller said he’d just had someone swear profusely when they saw it, having bought (and carried half way round the field) a similar vice for £45! 🙂

This was the first time I’ve been to Rusper and I’ll definitely return, as there was a good selection of quality used items and not many professional sellers with new (and generally poor quality) items.

I think it would be a great choice if we ever decide to sell at a car boot sale too, as the late start would allow a bit of a lie in or a trip to Pease Pottage before setting up!

  • Admission: £1 (1 car)
  • Total tool spend: £8
  • Total other spend: £0
  • Grand total: £9
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