Car booty – 07/07/2013 – Part 1 – Pease Pottage

Today I had to look after my youngest daughter while my wife took my eldest to a dance show in Crawley.

I decided to also make my way over to Crawley – via a couple of car boot sales – and meet them for lunch 🙂

Pease Pottage

Apparently if you want to find the really good tools you have to get to Pease Pottage early.

I prefer to turn up late when I’ve got a good chance of getting a good deal from someone who doesn’t want to lug everything home again 🙂

  • Sorby 7/8” chisel – 50p

Sorby chiselSorby chisel

The first find of the day was this big beast with a lot of rust and a chip, but an ok handle

  • Chisel, gouge and Marples screwdriver – £1

Screwdriver & chisels

  • Sorby chisel, small saw and floorboard saw – £1

Small saw & floorboard saw

The small saw will form part of a set of small tools I’m amassing for my daughter.

The floorboard saw is in pretty good condition, heavily greased and the etching is still easily readable:

Floorboard saw

Floorboard Saw
Warranted Superior Quality
E T Roberts & Lee
London, England
For Gasfitters, Electricians etc

Cam clamp

  • Record No. 91 1/2 pipe vice – £3

Record 91 1/2 pipe vice

Record 91 1/2 pipe vice Record 91 1/2 pipe vice

I think I did quite well on this – despite buying it completely on a whim – as they seem to go for as much as £16 on eBay.

  • Small “Naro” hand drill – £1

Small hand drill

  • Die holder – free!

Die holder

The stallholder was packing up and only wanted 10p, but as he didn’t have change for £2 he gave me this for nothing!

Apparently it belonged to his Dad, who used to work on Flying Boats and was probably home made.

Not a bad haul, considering I turned up after 11:30 to a sale that starts at silly o’clock in the morning!

  • Admission: 50p (1 adult)
  • Total tool spend: £7.50
  • Total other spend: £1
  • Grand total: £9

After this I went on to Rusper car boot sale, which only starts at 11:30. I’ll post about this in Part 2.

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