Car booty – 30/06/2013

I’ve decided to split off the Car Booty posts to a different blog as it’s often not clear which of my woodworking or metalworking blogs the posts should go on.

I’ll probably copy over the previous posts in the series from Aggravated Woodbutchery at some point, to keep them all in the same place.

Today I took my youngest daughter to a car boot sale at Kenley Airfield, run by Kenley Air Cadets.

Most of my purchases were books and toys for my daughters, but I didn’t get a bad little haul of tools:

Kenley car booty

  • Hale Bros. Chisel – £1

Hale Bros chisel Hale Bros chisel

  • Marples chisel – £1

Marples chisel

  • Sorby Chisel – £1

Sorby chisel

  • Sorby chisel – 50p

Sorby chisel

  • Large screwdriver – 50p

Large screwdriver

This screwdriver caught my eye as the shaft continues all the way up to the end of the handle, with two wooden panels then fixed either sides, a bit like a pen knife.

In addition to the 5 tools, I also got:

We mainly went to see some friends who we’d not seen for too long, or otherwise I’d probably have gone to Pease Pottage or Poynings, but it was a nice little sale and a good day out.

It was particularly fun seeing the gliders being winched into the sky and their tow ropes dropping to earth beneath a small parachute 🙂

  • Admission: £1 (suggested donation for 1 car)
  • Total tool spend: £4
  • Total other spend: £6.40
  • Grand total: £11.40
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