Weekend update

I didn’t get any time in the workshop during the week.

Yesterday was spent at a family birthday in a rural village hall, where I noticed this rather nice little toggle/latch, holding a long trestle table against the wall:

Wooden latch

Something about the shape and simplicity made me like it.

Today we went to Pease Pottage car boot sale in the morning, but with the uncertain weather there was a very low turn out of stallholders (the main field was probably less than half full).

There were only 3 stalls with any hand tools on at all and most were cheap rubbish that had been abused, so I didn’t find anything at all to waste spend my money on.

This afternoon I was able to complete the vice bases.

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2 Responses to Weekend update

  1. His Dad says:

    “so I didn’t find anything at all to waste spend my money on”. So you decided to make a generous payment to your Dad’s retirement fund?

    • John says:

      Hi Dad,

      No, I put it towards your subsidised internet connection 😉

      Anything left over will go to my early retirement fund – I’d be happy with even half of the fun you seem to be having 🙂


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