Car booty – 02/06/2013

Today I went to Sayers Common car boot sale with my youngest daughter while my wife took our eldest daughter to a party.

We’ve not been since April, when we were very impressed, so I had quite high hopes and I wasn’t disappointed.

Car booty 02/06/2013

I found several things in the first aisle and it got better from there!

  • Two new file handles – 50p
  • Wooden coffin plane – £1

Wooden coffin plane

The blade on this is marked Crookes & Co Sheffield, but the body has no marking.

Crookes & Co Sheffield plane iron

As with the 22″ Marples monster that I got at another car boot sale, I just liked something about this one.

I think it’s the way the head and tip of the screw holding the chip breaker to the blade is recessed into the body and wedge of the plane.

Chip breaker from wooden plane

When I got it the blade and chip breaker were as above, but I’m not convinced that’s how they’re meant to be, as this would either make it a bevel up plane, or mean the chip breaker went under the iron …

  • Small metal toolbox with various tools – £3

Small metal toolbox

The highlights of the toolbox contents are:

  • Stanley No. 621 hand drill (“Special 1940”) – this has quite a lot of play in various places that don’t screw tighten, so I might need to learn about peining!
  • Woden pushpin No. X170 – lovely condition
Woden pushpins

Woden pushpins – new X170 on the left, my existing one on the right

  • A couple of wooden handled marking/utility knives
  • Various augers – 2 Footprint (1 still in its original packaging), 1 Ridgeway, the others just marked “FOREIGN”
  • 2 small tin snips with markings I can’t make out yet
  • 2 pairs of pliers – 1 marked with a crown and “AM 1959”
  • Various files (several broken) and a file card – 1 marked “GPO 1946” but with a snapped off tip
  • Henley Solon electric soldering iron with cracked casing and 2 pin plug – destined for the electrical recycling bin at the local tip!

Small metal toolbox - first layer Small metal toolbox - second layer

The toolbox itself is quite rusty. I may clean it up for my eldest daughter to use, otherwise I may give her my WM450 workmate/toolbox.

Grandad has already bought her a little Faithfull 8oz claw hammer and Stanley try square, so I’m sure the next thing will be a place to store them …

Next I found a tool stall with some decent stuff. I nearly got a set of taps and dies, but I’m still not sure what I need. In the end I picked up a job lot of 3 items for £30 (original “best” prices below):

  • Stanley Bailey No. 6 – £20
  • Stanley No. 71 router plane – £12

Stanley No. 71 router plane

You may ask why I need another of these, given that I recently bought one off eBay for £51, well that’d be the price – I figure I can average down my “holding” in Stanley and have paid £31.75 (or less given the discount) per plane.

It’s an older version with wooden handles instead of the plastic of my eBay purchase (they looked like wood 😦 ) and this one has the screw that my eBay purchase was missing (it was shown in the listing but didn’t arrive in the packaging 😦 ).

Very important screw from No. 71 router plane

Very important screw!

Once I figure out the thread of the missing screw I’ll buy or make a replacement and sell one of the router planes on eBay, hopefully recouping some of my expenditure in the process …

  • Paramo No. 00 vice – £5

Paramo No. 00 vice Paramo No. 00 vice

I didn’t really need this, I was just looking for things to add to the deal to improve the opening offer by the stallholder of £30 for the two planes.

I’ve been thinking for a while about mounting my other vice on a wood/ply base that I can clamp in the vice of my workbench, but I think this smaller one is a better candidate for that.

After that things dried up a bit and I only found a little ratchet screwdriver:

  • Leyris ratchet screwdriver – 50p

Leyris ratchet screwdriver

I really like these and I started a bit of a collection at another car boot sale, when I got a whole load of Moore & Wright ones.

I think my wife was surprised that I was back within about an hour and a half – that’s the difference not having to wait for her and my eldest daughter to mooch around makes though!

  • Admission: £1 (1 car)
  • Total tool spend: £35
  • Total other spend: £0
  • Grand total: £36
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