Car booty – 21/04/2013

This morning we went to Pease Pottage car boot sale again.

Coping saw, handle and rasp

  • Eclipse No. 7 coping saw – 50p

Eclipse coping saw

This is the second coping saw I’ve picked up for 50p – the first having come from my local bric-a-brac shop.

Eclipse coping saw

Half round rasp – 25p

I’m not sure how sharp this is. I’ll try it out at some point and may try this tip for sharpening rasps.

At worst I will use it as sacrificial anode for electolytic rust removal one day!

  • Cupboard handle – 25p

This is a nice sturdy handle which I’m sure will come in handy as a cupboard or drawer handle somewhere.

Woodcock chisel and Woden Pushpin

  • Woden Pushpin – 50p

I just liked the shape of this, I had no idea what it was – or even that it was a woodwork tool – until I got home and googled it!

(Mobile phone reception at Pease Pottage isn’t great and 3G is non existant)

  • Woodcock chisel – 50p

This has quite a damaged handle, which I’ll have to replace at some point

Ratchet screwdrivers

  • Yankee No. 130A screwdriver – 10p

This is very stiff and will probably need some work to get it going again, but for 10p I couldn’t resist!

  • Four Moore & Wright No 950 and 950L ratchet screwdrivers – 10p each

I’m a sucker for Moore & Wright kit and these all have perfectly working ratchets.

  • Older Moore & Wright ratchet screwdriver

This has a slightly broken handle but the ratchet still seems fine.

  • Ratchet screwdriver “Made in England” – 10p

I can’t find a makers name on this, but I may be being dim!

Task tools quick clamps

  • Broken Task-tools quick clamp – 10p

I thought this clamp (top) looked a lot like the clamp I broke last month (bottom).
It’s broken but the trigger seems to be intact, so I thought for 10p I’d chance it.
I was lucky as the two clamps look identical (other than the length of the bar) and I’ll hopefully be able to make one good one from them.

Footprint screwdriver

  • Footprint P.O. 1980 screwdriver – 10p

I’m not sure what the significance of the “P.O. 1980” is, but I’d guess it’s Post Office/GPO related.

Footprint screwdriver

I then found a proper tool stall with a couple of No. 4 planes and a selection of nice chisels.
Marples and Footprint chisels

  • Four Marples chisels – £1.50 each

One of these is a duplicate and I may try and use the handle on the Woodcock chisel with the broken handle …

  • Footprint chisel – £1.50

This is the same size as the duplicate – I just liked the logo on the handle and the coincidence of never having seen a Footprint tool before and suddenly two come along in one day! 🙂

The chap on this stall said he’d be back with a lot more hand tools (and fewer garden tools) in the next few weeks

Sledge hammer

  • Sledge hammer – 7lb F4 – £4

Not exactly a woodworking tool, but I’ve wanted one for a while and this is a nice size with a Hickory handle

Sledge hammer

Metal cupboard

  • Locking metal cupboard – £4

The chap who sold me this told me it had been used by the Police to store guns in!

Metal cupboard

It certainly has quite a complex key and the remains a Metropolitan Police sticker on:

Met Police sticker on metal cupboard

I’m undecided what I’ll keep in this cupboard – possibly small sharp things to keep them away from the kids, or maybe it’d make a good cupboard for solvents etc …

I also got:

  • Pick n Mix sweets – £12

Perhaps I’ll keep these in the locking cupboard! 🙂

I think this is still my favourite car boot sale due to the size and variety of items on offer.

The first time we went resulted in a slightly better haul, but this one wasn’t bad.

  • Admission: £1 (2 adults, children free)
  • Total tool spend: £18.40
  • Total other spend: £12
  • Grand total: £31.40
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4 Responses to Car booty – 21/04/2013

  1. Art Watson says:

    I’m jealous but I will be scheduling some visits to the local flea market to see if I can find some booty. Doubt I’ll find as much Sheffield steel but one never knows. You don’t know if you don’t go!

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  3. A nice find on the sledge hammer in particular! That’s one of my ‘excuses’ for having not yet repaired my mum’s fence panel, as I would need one to drive the post repair spikes in to the rotten post holes but it’s the kind of tool I might never use again.

    I must think about going to a car boot sale some time…

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