Bentley Woodfair

Today I took both daughters to Bentley Woodfair.

We knew it would be wet, but the friends we were going with couldn’t make it on the Saturday when the weather was better.

In the end we only wandered round the stalls in the first field, as by the time the girls had played in the playground and been on the miniature railway we were all soaked to the skin!

It’s a shame we didn’t make it into the bigger field, but even so we saw some interesting displays, most notably some human powered lathes including pole lathes and a Vershoyle “patent mandrell” hand cranked lathe. (The name Vershoyle is pretty interesting too).

I was aware that Bodgers used to make furniture at or near the source of the timber but I didn’t know they had a website! 🙂

I managed to sneak away with my youngest – the only dry one of the party, due to the rain cover on her pushchair 🙂 – while the eldest went on the railway with our friends, and got a few tools from one of the stalls:

Booty from Bentley Woodfair

Stanley Bailey No. 5

Stanley No. 80 cabinet scraper

  • H. H. Swann & Son Tenon saw – £8

H. H. Swann & Son Sheffield tenon saw

H. H. Swann & Son Sheffield tenon saw

  • Inside calipers (unmarked) – £3
  • Outside calipers (illegible manufacturer, WD 1944 marking) – £5

I also got a number of books, including:

  • Admission: £24 (1 adult, 1 child)
  • Total tool spend: £41
  • Total other spend: £5
  • Grand total: £70
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