Car booty – 9th September 2012

Today we went to the Pease Pottage car boot sale.

I think it’s the biggest one we’ve ever been to, although as it starts at 7am during the summer we probably missed at least a quarter of the stalls, who had already packed up before we got round to them.

It was a lovely day and I’ve got some good finds:

  • Metal hand screw clamp “J.D. Sheen” (my first purchase of the day, this was actually made by the stallholder but is currently seized with rust) – £2

Hand screw clamp made by the car boot stallholder

  • Large flat headed screwdriver – 50p

Car booty including Stanley planes, spokeshave, mole grips and long screwdriver

  • Mole grips “Mole. Made in England”- £1

Mole grips

Spokeshave 151 M

  • Stanley Bailey No. 4 in rather tatty original box – £8

Stanley Bailey No. 4 in original box
I got quite a haul off this particular stallholder. I saw him early on and his tools were head and shoulders above the rest I had seen so far, but I wanted to preserve some funds for the rest of the field.

When I had gone round the whole sale I went back and luckily for me (if not my wallet!) he was still there, so I carried off 4 more items.
Micrometers (depth micrometer box closed) and hand screw clamp

  • Stanley No. 110 block plane – £2

Stanley No. 110

  • 0 – 1″ outside micrometer “Mitutoyo“- £4

Mitutoyo 0 - 1" micrometer

  • 1″ – 2″ outside micrometer “J.T. Slocomb Co Prov RI USA” – £4 [When searching for details of this manufacturer I turned up this useful page]

J T Slocomb 1" - 2" micrometer

  • Depth micrometer in box with a selection of depth rods “Moore & Wright” – £20

Moore and Wright depth micrometer with various depth rods

  • Tiny tenon saw with rather wobbly handle
  • Two triangular files, one with handle
  • Rusty dividers “Moore & Wright”

I’m not sure of the individual prices – I got all the above 4 items for £1

  • Junior hacksaw (looks a bit like a mini coping saw) – 50p

Tenon saws, coping saw, junior hacksaw and files

  • Spear & Jackson brass backed tenon saw (handle slightly wobbly and 2 screw heads broken) – £2

Spear & Jackson tenon saw
Spear & Jackson tenon saw broken screw heads

  • 3 spring clamps – 50p

Spring clamps

  • Nice wooden box (one catch damaged and no lining) – £5

Wooden box with brass shield and damaged catch

I also got:

  • New brass brush – £1
  • 2 photography books – £7
  • 2 bags of sweets – £1.50

All in all a successful day!

  • Admission: £1 (2 adults, children free)
  • Total tool spend: £47.50
  • Total other spend: £8.50
  • Grand total: £57
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4 Responses to Car booty – 9th September 2012

  1. Looks like a great day out!

    Those spring clamps stand out for me, as I don’t think they’re the usual sort of item that you’d see in a car boot sale. Plus, they do look sturdier than the cheap and nasty black plastic ones I’ve seen. 🙂

  2. John says:

    I’d seen a fair few similar clamps around the sale, but they were mostly part of the stall, not the merchandise 🙂

    There are two missing plastic caps, but they’re a good find all the same and I can’t really grumble for that price

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