Car booty – 27th August 2012

As may be obvious from some of my purchases and reviews, this year I’ve mainly been acquiring new tools and machines.

This isn’t because I am ignorant of the quality of old vs modern tools, but more a question of convenience – I know that if I buy a new machine from Axminster, Homewood, D&M and Poolewood that it will be fit for purpose and nobody before me has abused it, whereas buying from eBay can be a bit of a lottery (always assuming one can arrange delivery of the larger stuff in the first place).

One day if I have a bit more time, space and funds I will try to replace some of my modern machines with some quality old iron, but for now I think they’re right for me.

That said I’ve decided to make a bit more of an effort to go to car boot sales in search of hidden treasure.

As I’ve mentioned before, this hobby is a way of unwinding for me and at times it’s purely retail therapy, so being able to pick up a rusty gem for a pound or two is a good way to satisfy my acquisitional urges without breaking the bank.

Today was the first car boot I’ve been to in years. It wasn’t a huge one and I came away with a lot more toys for my daughter than for me, but it was fun and it got the girls and me out of my wife’s hair for a morning 🙂

Car booty August 2012

The booty

The full list was:

  • large flat screwdriver with yellow plastic handle “Made in Germany” – 10p
  • large flat screwdriver with cracked wooden handle – 50p

(once these are reground I won’t have to abuse another plane with my swiss army knife!)

  • small nail removal pincers “Eliott Lucas, Carrock” – 10p
  • very small nail removal pincers – 50p
  • quite fine flat metal file with wobbly handle (“<illegible – maybe Bedford?>, Sheffield, Made in England”) – 50p

Metal file - ?Bedford?, Sheffield

Update 31/08/2012: I’ve since derusted the above three tools and they came out like this:

File and pincers after derusting

I think the pincers look a bit weird being grey, but the file looks a lot better 🙂

  • TW Superslim spanner (1/2 Whitworth / 9/16 BSF & 7/16 Whitworth / 1/2 BSF) – 10p
  • Jenbro spanner (1/2 Whitworth & <illegible> Whitworth) – 10p
  • Austin spanner (?3/4? & ??) – 10p

Rusty Austin spanner

Austin spanner - illegible size

Austin spanner – illegible size

Austin spanner - 3/4?

Austin spanner – 3/4?

(I was planning to use the above 3 spanners as sacrificial anodes for elecrolytic rust removal, but it seems a bit of a shame!)

  • 10 Draper coping saw blades – 50p
  • Faber Castel 24″ wooden T-square – 50p
  • A selection of circular and oval stencils – 50p

Selection of oval and circular stencils

I also got:

and a selection of accessories for my daughter for £35 (well ok I gave her a choice of which lorry she wanted and she chose the dumper whereas I prefered the low-loader, so we got both and I guess some of it’s for me! :D)

  • Admission: Free (donation to charity made)
  • Total tool spend: £3.50
  • Total other spend: £35
  • Grand total: £38.50
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